Meet the Client



Excellencico (established in 1996) is a global leader in providing a focused, broad range of services to a world-class, international, region-centric clientele. Excellencico harnesses evolving, dynamic e-technologies to provide unparalleled levels of synergistic e-products to a heterogeneous set of unperpendiculated e-applications. Our e-commerce solutions empower clients to use distributed, diverse, and didactic communication architectures, resulting in a multi-tiered, value-added, highly-aligned mission-critical e-service. With our next generation web-scale, S.M.A.R.T. infrastructure and solid foundation of core e-business products, Excellencico offers integrated turn-key solutions to the ever-changing, world-class, international business marketplace.


Our logo needs to be simple and yet detailed, complex yet spare. We prefer that the logo convey the forward-thinking nature of our company without looking too futuristic or flashy but we also don’t want anything too conservative or neutral. "Just right" is the vibe we are looking for. We believe that "e" best defines our unique approach and core company culture. We’re very drawn to the colors one finds in a rainbow but color wheels are a significant turn-off. I have attached a picture of our puppy. We don’t want the puppy incorporated into the logo but we do want you to capture her spirit and attitude and expect that to be conveyed through design elements.